Three Reasons Why Tree Removal In Arlington Is Necessary

There are many reasons why homeowners may choose to have trees removed from their property. Some trees become damaged by storms or disease, while other trees may need to be removed due to the construction of a building. Read the information below to learn three reasons why tree removal in Arlington may be necessary.

A Tree Becomes Unsafe

When trees begin to die, large branches can fall off and injure a person on the ground or cause damage to property and vehicles. Trees that are hit by lightning often die as well as trees that become diseased or injured. Tall trees that grow too close to power lines can also be unsafe and this can cause power outages.

Any tree that’s dead or dying should be removed as soon as possible by a professional tree service before the safety of people and property are at risk. An experienced tree service can safely remove the tree from the property and haul off the debris.

The Health Of A Tree Is In Jeopardy

When trees become unhealthy due to common tree diseases, such as heart rot, powdery mildew and canker disease, they often die if they aren’t treated right away. The roots of a tree can also become infected by a fungal disease called root rot. Trees that are unable to recover from a disease must be cut down as soon as possible.

Severe insect infestations can also jeopardize the health of a tree and when treatment fails, it must also be removed. Tree diseases and insects infestations can easily spread to other trees on the property if the infected tree isn’t cut down and removed from the property.

A Tree Becomes An Obstruction

Sometimes trees are in the way when a structure is being built. When a tree needs to be removed due to building and expansion, a professional company that provides tree removal in Arlington must be called to take the tree down. Trees that are growing too close to sewer lines must also be removed, so the roots don’t infiltrate the sewer pipes.

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