Laundry Renovations In Sydney: Avoid Mistakes

Whether you’ve decided to spring for a new washer and dryer, want to increase the size of your room, or need to replace old appliances, laundry renovations in Sydney can be a perfect way to get a high return on your investment. However, tackling such a project can still cause unexpected problems and wreck your careful budgeting if you’re not careful. There are many issues to consider so that you don’t have problems later.

If you don’t already have one, poor drain placement could cause severe problems and even backups into your home. If you already have drains, you may want to ask the professionals if they are appropriate or if you need a back-up drain for added protection. Laundry renovations in Sydney should also come with a shutoff valve for your washing machine. You never know when it will go on the fritz and don’t want to ruin the flooring and everything else. Plus, the room itself needs to be adequately ventilated to reduce the risk of stuffy rooms and other problems. Another common problem that people find is that once everything is in place, they have no room to move around, getting to the machines, fluffing and folding, or storing items until they can be put away.

At Oxford Bathrooms, you never have to worry that your new mini laundrette will cause you all of the headaches mentioned earlier. As long as you tell them what you want or need, they will work with you to create a masterpiece. Their goal is for you to be happy with the results and will plan first before making any alternations. Therefore, your laundry renovations in Sydney will look their best and perform well, ensuring that you’re safe no matter what the machines decide to do.

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