What To Expect When Hiring Professional Carpet Cleaners In Bellingham WA

Nothing can make a home or business look and smell dirty like carpets that are stained and covered in dirt and grime. Vacuuming is helpful at removing any debris that is loose, but it is not useful for eliminating discoloration or filth that has set into the fabric of the carpet. Professional Carpet Cleaners in Bellingham WA can solve this dilemma and have carpeting looking like new through the use of specially designed cleaning products and commercial equipment.

Room Preparation

Before the shampooing process can begin, the crew will first remove all of the furniture in the area to be cleaned. Some Carpet Cleaners in Bellingham WA offer a discount on their service if the customer arranges this part of preparation themselves. Once the room is emptied, they will then use a dry vacuum to remove any surface dirt and prepare the floors for the cleaning and extraction process.

Stain Treatment

Stains can be quite challenging to remove, and it is important to point out any problem areas to the technicians when they arrive. The application of an enzyme-based detergent can break down the stain and make removal extremely easy during extraction. Some companies also offer a cleaner that is designed to treat pet stains and odors, so be sure to ask about this if it is a concern.

Cleaning Process

Once all of the preparations are complete, the team will then begin the actual cleaning process. The majority of companies utilize a gas powered unit that is located in a large van and then run a series of hoses into the space being cleaned. As they move the machine over the carpets, it will emit a solution of hot water and detergent directly onto the carpet. As the head is drawn back, it will then extract the water and any dirt, which provides for fast drying times.

Dirty carpets are unsightly and can cause individuals with allergies and other breathing issues to be miserable. The team at Front Line Cleaning offers a complete line of cleaning services and can have any carpeted surface looking like new. Call today to learn more and schedule a free quote to see how affordable cleaning dirty carpets should be.

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