Three Reasons to Choose a Banquet Hall for Your Chicago Wedding

by | Nov 7, 2019 | Catering

A wedding is something that many women have dreamed about since being a little girl. Chicago is a good city to fulfill this dream. Brides can choose from a variety of wedding venues. Read on to find out why a banquet hall is one of the best wedding reception venues in Chicago.

One Location

Brides must completely think about and plan out their wedding days. If the wedding and reception are in different locations, then you may need to provide transportation. Choosing a banquet hall solves your problems. You can have your entire wedding event in one location. The wedding guests will not have to drive to another venue to attend the reception.

Catering on Site

The wedding food uses up a large portion of your budget. If you have a lot of guests, then you are going to have to spend more on food. Many catering companies charge you per person. There is the possibility of saving with a package deal. A banquet hall can offer you a deal that covers everything you need to have a wedding and reception.

Wedding Planner

The bride could release control of the wedding to a wedding planner. You are going to be busy on the day of the wedding. The wedding planner can help with planning out your event. He or she also will make sure everything goes as planned on the wedding day. Wedding planning is another service offered by banquet halls.

A banquet hall is one of the most popular wedding reception venues in Chicago. This venue allows the couple to remain stress-free while planning their nuptials. It is usually all-inclusive, which means everything is handled in-house. These services may include catering, furniture setup, open bar, DJ and photography.

The wedding should be an event that the couple gets to enjoy. Contact our Alpine Banquets experts at website to plan a unforgettable ceremony.

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