Three Factors to Consider Before Opting for a Prosthetic Shoulder in Columbus OH

by | Sep 29, 2016 | Healthcare

Shoulder pain is a common problem that can strike at almost any age, and can be caused by several underlying factors such as arthritis or injury. Arthritis is a disease process that causes the lining of joints to deteriorate. This means bones will be touching which often results in excruciating pain. Improperly treated shoulder injuries may also contribute to the need for surgical intervention. The first step is to consult with an orthopedic surgeon who can assess the situation and provide details on available treatment options. Here are three factors to consider before opting for a Prosthetic Shoulder in Columbus OH.

Post-operative recovery from surgical placement of a Prosthetic Shoulder in Columbus OH can take months. Normal daily activities will be limited for a period of time. Enlist the help of family members and friends who can provide the necessary support during recovery. Help will be needed with activities such as laundry, house cleaning and cooking. Physical limitations will be determined by the extent of soft tissue repairs completed during surgery. The first four to six weeks of the postoperative period will include immobilizing the shoulder joint in order to facilitate proper healing.

Make advance arrangements in order to take time off from work. Seek guidance from the attending surgeon as to the length of time that must be taken. It is always better to take as much time as necessary. The length of time may vary anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months. Some individuals may be required to take an extended period of time depending upon the physical demands of the job. It is imperative to make these arrangements according to the policies set forth by the employer. Returning to work prematurely can inhibit the healing process. The surgeon can make appropriate recommendations.

Choose a surgeon who is experienced and familiar with the type of procedure being done. They will provide specific details about the procedure and expectations during recovery. The decision to undergo surgery is a life-altering event which requires special attention. This will ensure the full recovery. Knowing what to expect during and after a surgical procedure will help alleviate anxiety. Contact Capital Prosthetic & Orthotic Center Inc for details about the variety of prosthesis available when shoulder replacement surgery becomes necessary.

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