What Will Life Be Like With a Dental Implant in St Peter, MN?

The dentist has decreed that there is no way to save the molar and it has to be extracted. The question now is what to do with that vacant socket. While a partial is one way to go, many people find that they like the idea of using implants to replace missing teeth. Here is what the patient can expect if a Dental Implant in St Peter MN is chosen over other options.

Insertion of the Implant

In many instances, the dental professional can insert the body of the dental implant in St Peter MN immediately after the tooth is extracted. As long as there is no infection present and the tissue is healthy, this eliminates the need to return at a later date. In fact, the terms of some dental insurance policies will cover a significant amount of the cost if the implant is done immediately rather than in a separate session.

Applying a Temporary Cap

At the time the implant is inserted, the dentist will install what’s known as a temporary cap. That cap protects the implant until a permanent cap can be custom made for the patient. That cap also makes it easier for the healing to progress and allows the patient to continue chewing on that side of the mouth in the interim.

Keep in mind there may be some sensitivity during this phase. Many patients find that if they stay away from beverages that are hot or cold and stick with drinks that are served at room temperature, they will experience little in the way of discomfort.

Installing the Permanent Cap

The permanent cap will be shaped and tinted to resemble a real tooth. Once it’s in place, it will be difficult for anyone to tell that the implant is anything other than the real thing. By this stage, the sensitivity will have faded, and the patient can get back to the normal dental hygiene routine. The only difference is that the dentist may discourage use of floss around the implant.

If an implant seems like the right solution, Check Out website domain today. Arrange for an examination and find out if implants are a possibility. If so, it won’t take long to schedule the procedure and be on the way to correcting any dental issues that exist.

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