Choosing Between an Implant and a Root Canal in Bridgeport, CT

When a tooth is badly damaged, there are often multiple alternatives for how to deal with the problem. It isn’t a good idea to just pull the tooth and leave the space open, as this can cause other problems, including shifting of the other teeth and difficulty chewing. In some cases, it becomes necessary to decide between having a root canal in Bridgeport CT or getting an implant. Understanding the pros and cons of each procedure can make the decision clearer.

Success Rates

A review published in 2007 found that the success rates of dental implants and root canals topped with crowns were about equal. There are certain medical conditions that can make one procedure or the other less likely to be successful, however. For example, people with osteoporosis may not have enough bone to add an implant without grafting more bone into the jaw first. Having a lower estrogen level can also be a sign that an implant may not work out well for women, and smokers may not be good candidates for this procedure either.

Complication Rates

While both implants and root canals can be equally successful, implants may have a higher complication rate. Root canals had a complication rate of about one percent, while implants had a complication rate of about 12 percent. This is part of the reason why a root canal in Bridgeport CT is often recommended over an implant.

Cost Considerations

Both an implant and a root canal with a crown can be expensive, but root canals may involve less money out of pocket. This is because insurance often covers at least some of the cost of a root canal and crown, and the same usually isn’t true when it comes to implants. Each implant can cost thousands of dollars, making it hard to afford to replace multiple teeth. A root canal is likely to cost somewhere between $300 to $2,000 depending on how much insurance covers and where a person lives. The root canal itself often costs around $500, but the cost of a crown, around $1,300 or so, also needs to be taken into consideration.

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