Things To Consider When Using A Photo Booth For Your Wedding

Many people are joining the trend of having photo booths for weddings. It is a great idea because it is affordable entertainment for the guests, everyone enjoys it and the photos can serve as a replacement for wedding favors. Before renting one, there are several important things to consider first.

Where Will the Booth Be Located?

The location is very important to think about because if you place it in a corner where no other entertainment is around, chances are not many people will use or even notice it. Great spots to incorporate the booth include anywhere near the bar or right beside the dance floor at the reception. These are areas you know for a fact will stay crowded throughout the day or night.

What Size Will You Choose?

Choosing how big or small it is will determine how many people can fit in it and take photos at one time. For this occasion, you will want photo booths for weddings that can fit at least two to three guests at the same time. The chances of someone wanting to go inside and take a picture alone are slim, so be sure to rent one that accommodates several people.

Will There Be Accessories Available?

Many brides like to keep it classic and just simply have the booth for photos. However, if you want to spice it up a little, there are countless props that can be included to liven up the pictures and make them unique. For example, you can include moustaches, wigs, wings, signs, glasses, hats, picture frames, shawls and so much more. The options for this are endless, so have fun with it and include a variety.

Having photo booths for weddings is a fun way to bring something different to the reception. Most brides include a dance floor and an open bar, but you will stand out for sure by allowing the guests to capture the moments of the special day with pictures.

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