Tips to Keep a Wood Stove in Hagerstown MD Safe, Efficient and Clean

There are a number of homeowners who rely on the heat and warmth of a Wood Stove in Hagerstown MD. While there are a number of benefits offered by using this type of heat, it is also important that the stove is properly cared for and maintained. If a homeowner fails to do this, it can result in a number of issues, including smoke in the home, injury and even a house fire. Some tips that will help anyone enjoy their wood stove and keep it clean, efficient and safe can be found here.

Cleaning a Wood Stove Glass

It is important to clean the glass-ceramic on the wood stove. The byproduct of ash and fire will aid in the overall cleaning process. Four steps to clean the glass include:

* Allow the Wood Stove in Hagerstown MD to cool completely.

* Put a newspaper or moist rag in the white ash.

* Rub the damp ash on the glass inside the wood stove. The calcium carbonate has a high pH and is mildly abrasive, which makes for an effective cleaning solution.

* Wipe the residue away and polish.

Use the Right Type of Wood

For homeowners who want to burn a clean fire, they have to choose the right type of wood. Some softwoods, such as spruce and pine will work, but a hardwood such as oak or maple will produce less smoke and burn longer. Wood burning stoves should remain smoke-free. If smoke is seen or smelled, there is a problem and the stove needs to be cleaned.

Some tips to find the right wood include:

* Use only seasoned wood that has spent several months drying outside.

* Only open the door to the stove if adding additional wood or stoking the fire.

* Clean the ashes out of the stove regularly.

A wood stove is installed with a rather simple purpose -; to heat a home. Thanks to advances in technology stoves are safer and cleaner than ever before; however, a homeowner still has to take the time to maintain and clean it frequently.

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