Thermal Deburring Services in Grand Rapids Offer Innovative Solutions

by | Jan 19, 2017 | Coating

Many manufacturing businesses must die cast or machine metal parts and components. However, some shapes are difficult to finish due to internal flashing or burrs. Instead of spending time and resources with sanding or grinding, it may be easier to use trusted thermal deburring services in Grand Rapids . Here are several reasons why.

What is Thermal Deburring?

To finish parts with burrs or flashing, they are heat treated with a special process. The parts are placed in a sealed oven and heated to as high as three thousand degrees Celsius (5430 degrees Fahrenheit). Normally subjecting most metals to this intense heat would cause some kind of damage. However, with this finishing process, the items are simply “flash” heated. The heating process lasts for only a few milliseconds.

Why Intense Heat?

Because flashing and burrs contain much less mass than the rest of the part, they are easily burned off. In fact, the rest of the part is unaffected because of the extremely short heat exposure. There is a metal oxide residue formed where the burrs have been incinerated, but it can easily be cleaned away. There are no changes to the original part dimensions or features like threads or holes.

Why Use Thermal Deburring Services in Grand Rapids?

Heat treatment is an effective way to remove burrs from your metal parts. In addition, some parts may have internal or hard to access burrs or flashing and this is the best solution for finishing. It is also perfect for very large parts which would take a long time to finish.

Heat finishing does not scratch or mar surface finishes. It takes very little time to finish parts with this method. Thermal deburring services in Grand Rapids can save your company time and headaches. It can be an effective strategy for increasing efficiency.

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