Advantages Of Thermal Deburring Services

by | Nov 23, 2017 | Coating

Companies today are looking for components that are both scratch and burr free. However, the actions to produce such results require different approaches. The former demands an aggressive deburring process; the latter requires a more gently procedure. Fortunately, another option does exist. It addresses the demands for both types of finishing. This is non-conventional thermal deburring services.

Why Thermal Deburring (ETM)?

For many companies, conventional deburring methods prove to be the most reliable means of removing burrs. Yet, non-conventional ETM does offer certain advantages over other methods. Using heat to remove metal contaminants of various types as well as oxidize burrs, ETM is initially expensive but does possess certain qualities that make it an attractive alternative to such conventional methods as vibratory deburring. Thermal deburring services:

Are very effective at removing internal and difficult-to-reach burrs
Leave only an easy-to-clean oxide residue behind – not chips and media in hard-to-clean-out spots
Are able to perform deburring services with high consistency and uniformity
Are almost completely automated
Has a low human error rate

Produce deburred and clean edged items faster than other processes e.g. tumbling

Allow for greater accurate predication of the actual processing time and cost estimation of each lot
Are applicable for both ferrous and non-ferrous items – although experts in Grand Rapids feel it is the most effective on alloy steel and low carbon components

Furthermore, the procedure does prove to be cost-effective since it cuts down on manual labor.

Thermal Deburring Services

If you want to produce products that are without burrs and lack dings and scratches, consider the benefits of non-traditional deburring. If you need to produce an intact surface that is scratch and burr-free, consider thermal deburring services. An effective and efficient way of addressing the concerns of customers, professionals in Grand Rapids find it a viable means of removing hidden, internal and difficult burrs that could seriously affect the performance of the part in situ.

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