The Versatility of the Modern Excavator Machine

Today’s digging equipment is tough and can do a variety of jobs. In addition, many of these machines can perform even more jobs when you add attachments. Whether you choose an excavator drill attachment or other feature, you will receive a lot of benefits. Let’s look at some of the work these machines are capable of performing, with the right equipment.


Excavators are designed to work in specific areas and perform specific digging tasks. For example, if you do construction work you probably have a crawler. They use a track system instead of wheels for greater stability and traction. Crawlers can dig trenches, foundations, holes, dredge, cut, lift and perform demolition work.

If you need deep excavation work, you may have a dragline machine. They utilize a hoist with a line that lowers and raises the bucket. Dragline equipment is used in surface mining, road construction and even under water applications.

For digging jobs with limited access or space, some companies choose compact excavation machines. They are smaller and lighter than standard machines and more fuel efficient. Other types include suction and long reach models.


The good thing about excavation machines is the many different attachments you can add. For example, instead of investing in a drill rig, you might consider adding an excavator drill attachment. These drills can be customized to the model of machine you own. For maximum efficiency, these units may be mounted of the front, rear or even the side of the machine.


If you need to break up rock or stone, you may want to think about adding a breaker. Breakers work like large jackhammers and can exert a surprising amount of impact force.


In some kinds of work, materials are simply too large for the bucket. Clamps hold onto things like large tree trunks or huge chunks of concrete and allow the machine to move them about.


If you have the need to level out ground, a grading blade can be a handy attachment. They come in many different sizes depending on the kind of work you do.


These attachments are very useful for picking up lots of material at one time. They come in several different styles and configurations.

Whether you are looking for an excavator drill attachment, grader, or a different kind of bucket, make sure to go with an experienced manufacturer who can custom fit your attachment to your machine. This will give you the best service and you’ll experience fewer “on the job” problems.

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