The Benefits Of Adding An Excavator Rock Drill To Your Equipment Inventory

In virtually all parts of the United States, there are going to be areas where drilling is going to be problematic because of ground conditions. This may include areas where there is significant shale, large boulders or solid sheets of rock.

For commercial companies offering any type of construction preparation, drilling or construction having an excavator rock drill in your equipment inventory can allow you to take on jobs the competition is not going to want. Additionally, having the equipment on hand means that if you discover a drilling, mining, construction or even a large fencing project is in rocky soil, you never have to worry about renting equipment, trying to move rock or drill holes by other means or simply not being able to stay on time and on schedule.

Customized for Your Equipment

One of the big advantages to choosing an excavator rock drill from a company that manufacturers the drills is that it can be fully customized to match with your equipment. All you will need to do is provide the excavator model number and the drill manufacturing company will be able to ensure that the drill will fit perfectly on the existing equipment.

These companies may also sell other manufacturer’s drills as well. This will allow you to consider and compare your options to see which is the right choice. Keep in mind they will also be able to assist in ensuring you have the right drifter based on the specific drilling requirements for your current job as well as the typical jobs your company completes.

Working With Existing Controls

The last thing that any operator needs is a complicated set of controls for the excavator rock drill attachment. Look carefully at the design of the controls. Top companies will offer a simple and well-designed joystick type of design that is intuitive to operate and also has a very small footprint in the cab.

Ideally, these drills will be able to mount in any position required for drilling including the rear, front and the sides. The control can be installed in the area of the cab that makes the most efficient and practical option for the operator based on typically drilling jobs.

While you may not need rock drilling capacity on every job, having the equipment available and ready to use is a big plus for a company. Compare prices and consider the cost and potential revenue offset and you will see why this is such as important part of the inventory.

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