Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Used Rock Drilling Equipment

Everyone loves to get a bargain, but just because something is a low price doesn’t mean it is a bargain or even a good deal. Unfortunately, when it comes to equipment, buying used from some locations is really a very risky proposition.

Too many times startup and smaller companies opt to choose used rock drilling equipment over buying new. While there is always a concern with the budget, taking a closer look at the actual cost difference and the condition of the used equipment will be the first important step.

There are also some common mistakes that are made when looking at the used models. These issues are not an concern when buying new, particularly when buying from an established, reputable company offering this specialized type of equipment. Most of these companies will offer several different manufacturers and models in the inventory they carry. This will allow you to make side by side comparisons and choose the design and the option that is best for your needs.

The same is not typically true with used equipment where the buyer will be limited to the used rock drilling equipment on offer at any given location. To avoid common mistakes, consider the following issues if you are buying used.

Auctions and Online Sales

While there are great deals on used equipment out there, it is important to avoid getting caught in the trap of thinking online sales or equipment auctions are the only answer. Online sales sites can be a good place to start looking, but unless you are buying from a reputable dealer in rock drilling equipment that is offering refurbished or reconditioned equipment, it is always a buyer beware situation.

If you do bid on these online auctions, make sure you are familiar with the operation of the equipment and that it is fully compatible with your existing equipment. Once you bid or buy you will own it, even if it is not the right component for your needs.

Buying without Inspecting

No matter where you are buying unless you trust the dealer or the owner, don’t buy without inspecting. If you are buying rebuilt or refurbished equipment such as a hammer or drills that have been worked on by a top rock drill company you are safe. These should come with a guarantee that will cover the first 30 days, giving additional protection with the purchase.

No matter how good a deal may appear, if the equipment looks like it is in poor condition or if it is old with extended hours of use it is rarely a good investment. These types of purchases will often result in extensive repair bills, lost job opportunities and equipment with a very low resale value.

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