Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing A Metal Coating Company

Metal coating is more than just a finish or a specific aesthetic look to a part or a component. Instead, the choice of the coating will be essential for the protection of the surface of the metal in the environment where the part will be used.

Some types of metal devices such as those used in medical implants, in biotechnology and in the pharmaceutical industries have to be coated for multiple reasons. Not only is the coating designed to protect the surface of the metal, but it is also designed to avoid possible complications with the part or component.

With medical implants, coatings are used to protect the patient as a failure of the coating could lead to life-threatening conditions. The same is true in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries where the coating is needed to create a non-reactive surface.

Choosing the right metal coating company for these demanding and specialized types of coating jobs is critical. Avoiding common mistakes in choosing a company will avoid costly delays, streamline your production process and help you to choose the right coating for your needs.

Shopping by Price

A cheap bid or quote from a metal coating company on a specialized type of project typically means one of two things. One is that the metal finishing service is not familiar with the processes require to coat the components to the standards or requirements, which is going to end up in delays and problems.

The second option is that they are using inferior equipment, untrained and inexperienced technicians or that they are planning on outsourcing the work to another lower priced company. These companies may not be in the United States and may not be operating to the specifications required.

Not Doing a Background Check

Learn as much as you can about any metal coating company you are considering. This means checking that they are ISO 9001 certified, so they have a commitment to customer service and quality products.

Additionally, call and talk to the staff and compare answers from two or more companies to make sure you are talking to someone who understands the metal coating options you can consider.

The internet can also be a good place to look for testimonials, feedback and comments. Remember, don’t just use their own website, but if they do provide references make a point of getting in touch. Ask about their experience in working with the metal company as this can be an invaluable way to learn what you can expect if you select the company as your metal coating provider.

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