The Various Uses of Durable Aluminum Channels

Aluminum channels are a great construction and building material. Whether you’re using them to protect, display, mount, frame, or strengthen a project, aluminum channels are a lightweight, cost-effective, but secure choice for a conscientious contractor, builder, or designer.

The Features of Aluminum

When choosing an extruded aluminum channel for your project, you’re making a decision for one of the most cost-effective and durable construction, display, and protection materials. While aluminum is light, it is also extremely hardwearing, so the material will not only survive against mishaps, but protect other things from heavy machinery, weather, etc.

Further, aluminum is easy to maintain in shape and shine, staying clean and new looking throughout its lifespan. While it’s a highly conductive metal, it is also non-magnetic, making it perfect to use in a mill or other arena. Once it has been chemically treated, aluminum also resists corrosion and other oxidizing factors. Paired with its other characteristics, aluminum is an ideal construction material with a long lifespan that will guard the lifespan of other items and materials.


Coming in an assortment of shapes, from C and Z channels to nut and hat channels to custom made, as well as various lengths and thicknesses, aluminum channels are highly useful for many projects. Traditionally, these channels have been viewed as perfect fixtures for mills—because they are. Easy to maintain and polish, these sturdy fixtures provided protection and framing for machinery and other items in mills. But they can also be used in a number of other ways and projects.

The durability and strength of aluminum channels, as well as their sleek design, make them useful for displaying or mounting products in a store. When paired with aluminum slatwall or used with Z-clips, aluminum channels help to create a stylized displays of wares. Additionally, these channels are often used in structural projects where low density is as important as strength in the building material.

Indeed, aluminum channels have many uses for contractors, engineers, and architects, as well as commercial vendors. Coming in a variety of shapes and finishes, they can fit into any environment and fulfill your construction, protection, or framing needs.

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