The use of lasers in dentistry

A laser is a device that delivers an extremely narrow band of light. Due to the intensity of the light, it causes a reaction when it is applied to human tissue. Laser dentistry in New York is used to shape tissue and it is used in teeth whitening as an accelerator for the bleaching solution.

The many uses of laser dentistry:

Laser dentistry can be used as a stand-along treatment or a compliment to other treatment procedures. The process can be used to:

  • Completely expose wisdom teeth
  • Eliminate problematic gum tissue as well as reshape tissue during tooth lengthening procedures
  • Remove tissue for biopsy
  • Treat infections and much more

The advantages of using a laser in dentistry:

Laser dentistry in New York has several distinct advantages, in many cases there is no need for invasive dental instruments and in some cases, the dentist will not have anesthetize the area. Lasers allow the dentist to work with pin-point precision, lasers also help to reduce recovery time as they reduce the amount of bacteria and bleeding that is often associated with traditional treatments.

Is a laser safe?

By all means, laser dentistry in New York is safe, as safe as the use of any other instrument. Dentists are trained in the use of lasers, no different than the way they are trained in the use of a dental drill. The only precaution that is not necessary with alternative methods is the fact that eye protection I required. Your dentist will provide you with basically what are little more than sun glasses to wear while he or she is using the laser.

One very common procedure that uses a laser is ZOOM teeth whitening. The laser accelerates the process; the hydrogen peroxide solution that is used is activated by the laser, improving the whiteness of teeth in a single appointment.

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