The Travertine Pool Deck-A More Stylish Alternative

A travertine pool deck can gift your home with a contemporary zeal that is simply unmatched in quality. Have you ever considered boosting the durability and appeal of your pool deck as a whole? A pool deck is the safe haven the separates you from your pool water. However, it is also an area you occupy for sunbathing and relaxation purposes. Your pool deck dictates the aesthetic appearance and sophistication of your pool overall.

Quality pool decks are a necessity, as they are exposed to climate changes, precarious weather patterns and environmental conditions. Furthermore, they should convey a sense of professionalism, ease and decadence regardless of the season.

The Benefits of Having a Travertine Pool Deck

Travertine pool decks are known to confer a number of key benefits that appeal to home dwellers of every sort. Travertine tiles are among the most opulent and sought after titles in the industry, and this beauteous stone exceeds acrylic and wooden materials in both quality and durability.

By definition, travertine is a form of limestone composed of calcium carbonate. It forms as solidified, calcium deposits accumulate in subterranean areas. Travertine naturally produces colors in the nude and tan color range, including beige, gold, walnut, and ivory. Hence, a travertine pool deck is perfect for a delicate, and simplistically elegant pool design.

Choosing a Finish for Your Travertine Pool Deck

Your travertine pool deck can be given a number of different finishes. Depending on your subjective taste, a shiny, matte, or textured surface may be suitable. In the world of travertine, these finishes are commonly referred to as polished, honed, and tumbled. As expected, each finish varies on the shiny and glossiness scale.

Tumbled and textured surfaces are characterized by a chalky, matte, inconsistent texture that conjures a rustic appeal. However, honed and polished surfaces on travertine pool decks are noticeably silkier in consistency and texture. Most feel satisfied with a honed travertine pool deck because not only is smooth, but it is minimally reflective in the sun.

What You Should Know About Having a Travertine Pool Deck

If you have considered adding a travertine pool deck to your home’s repertoire, make a few key considerations first. Although this natural stone is exalted in the world of architecture, it is highly susceptible to acidic solutions and specific stains. This implies that if you spill orange juice, soda or any acidic solution onto it, it will suffer tremendous damage. It is also critical to note that travertine tiles contain small porous openings that invite dirt and dust. So, be aware of both the benefits and risks of installing travertine in your pool area.

If you staunchly support green living, then travertine is the most logically sound choice for your home’s pool deck. This natural, yet majestic, product has been used by both ancient civilizations and modern day home owners.

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