The Top 5 Reasons to Use In Home Care in Washington DC

If you speak with almost any senior, they will tell you they want to live at home as long as they can. They are just more comfortable and it keeps them feeling independent. For many, their home is a source of pride and they believe being forced into a living facility would cause them a loss of dignity. Not to mention, the cost of assisted living care keeps rising. So, why should you consider in home care for the seniors in your life? Here are five of the top reasons to look into In Home care in Washington DC.

1. Expense – Home care is generally less expensive than living in a nursing home or similar assisted living facility. It is always cheaper than an extended hospital stay.

2. Personalized care – The very nature of in home care promotes personal care. It is a one on one relationship between the patient and caregiver. There is no other option that gives the patient such a unique experience.

3. Safety – People pick up infections in hospitals, it’s a known fact that has been well studied. When people live in an assisted care facility, nursing home, or hospital they are inevitably exposed to other ill patients and are at a much greater risk of contracting an infection or illness. This risk is greatly reduced with in home care.

4. Promotes Independence – In home care allows the patient the most independence possible. Since the patient lives in their own home, they are much more familiar with their surroundings and in turn are able to function with greater independence. The area can also be modified to promote independence without having to worry about approval from a higher authority like in an assisted care facility.

5. Families stay together – Families can still live together during in home health care. Unlike in a hospital or nursing home where a patient may be subject to visiting hours, in home care allows families to spend as much time together as possible. The family is invited and encouraged to participate in the care of their family member.

If your family member is in need of assistance, In Home care in Washington DC can be ideal. Visit to learn how they can assist in allowing your senior to maintain their independence while giving them the best health care possible. Keep your senior safe and healthy with in home care.

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