Are CCTV Cameras In Newport South Wales Good Or An Invasion Of Privacy?

As for basically anywhere in the world, CCTV Cameras In Newport are intrinsically indifferent to what they see and what they then do with the information. The owners of such cameras will all declare that they have installed them for the good of the premises and people that come under the cameras surveillance.

Those under surveillance may beg to differ. However, if someone is being watched by CCTV Cameras In Newport while going about their daily routine in a correct and harmless manner, why should they consider this an invasion of their privacy? The surveillance might well deter someone from harming them and it would only become a problem should they start to do something wrong themselves. A major feature of CCTV Cameras In Newport is that they should be visible so that anyone in their vicinity will know that they are under surveillance.

What Happens To The CCTV Footage?
We have all seen crime shows on TV where the cops spend possibly days watching the footage recorded by CCTV Cameras On Newport streets. The script will allow them to eventually see some vital clue to solving the case they are working on. Unfortunately, having the camera record everything 24/7 provides a huge amount of video that someone will have to sit through if the information is ever to be of any use.

The alternative could be even worse, imagine someone performing a job where they spend their whole working day watching footage from just one of the CCTV Cameras In Newport. They would probably become so bored that they might not notice when something untoward appears on their screen.

Simply filming and recording serves only two purposes:-
1. that the presence of the CCTV Cameras In Newport will deter wrongdoers
2. that viewing the recordings after the event will show what happened

What Real Time Use Do CCTV Cameras Provide?
For CCTV Cameras In Newport to provide instant response, they have to be continually monitored. This might just work with a bank of screens around a security guard’s desk but attention span must play a part.

Developments in cameras, wireless communications, recorders and computers have resulted in CCTV which is monitored continuously by a computer program. The computer will be programmed to recognise anything unusual being sent to it from the camera(s) and then either instigate action or notify a human. For example, if the cameras are watching over an industrial process, the computer would stop the process at the first sign of a problem and notify the human to take corrective action.

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