The Steps Involved When Replacing A Car Windshield In Silver Spring MD

The windshield of a vehicle is what provides the driver with an unobstructed view of the road ahead, which makes it crucial to ensure it is free of cracks and other forms of damage that may complicate driving. There are a variety of hazards that a driver will encounter every day that threaten to jeopardize the integrity of a Car Windshield in Silver Spring MD, but fortunately replacing a damaged windshield is a simple process. A professional will have a broken windshield replaced in as little as one hour, and have a driver back on the road in no time.

Old Glass Removal

First, the technician will remove the old window from the vehicle. To do so, they will use a specialized cutting tool to pierce through the adhesive that holds the glass in place, making sure not to damage the rubber that creates a water and airtight seal around the window opening. After breaking the bond, they will then use a series of suction cup tools to remove the damaged glass.

Seal Cleaning

Next, they will inspect the seal for damage and determine if it requires replacement. Also, the technician will use a vacuum cleaner to remove any small bits of glass from around the seal and dash area. After thoroughly cleaning up any debris, the next step is to apply a seal lubricant, which helps create a better bond once the glass is mounted into the frame and secured in place.

New Glass Installation

The last stage is to install the new Car Windshield in Silver Spring MD. The technician will first attach suction cup handles onto the new piece of glass, and they will then gently set it into place making sure that the adhesive material bonds around all four sides. To complete the installation, they will clean the glass to remove any dust and fingerprints and then conduct a final quality inspection before turning the keys over to the owner.

Don’t let a broken windshield lead to frustration or a hazardous driving situation. The experts at Beltway Auto & Plate Glass provide fast mobile repair services and will have any vehicle windshield restored in as little as one hour. Check out their site to learn more and discover how easy and affordable replacing a windshield should be.

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