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When a crack or ding mars a windshield, owners often go into a panic. Windshield damage is not only an eyesore, but it can also make the glass more vulnerable to further damage. Thankfully, there are glass experts that take care of repairs for Auto Glass Arlington VA. With this information, vehicle owners can better understand what to expect from these services.

How Are Windshields Repaired?

Falling objects, rocks, and other debris can all cause damage to a windshield. Once a windshield becomes cracked, the glass will continue to be damaged and could result in the need for a replacement. Not all types of windshield damage can be repaired by professionals. Cracks that are longer than six inches or dings larger than a fifty-cent piece may mean the windshield needs to be replaced. If the damage interferes with the field of vision of the driver, a replacement will be needed.

When the professionals come out to take care of repairs for Auto Glass Arlington VA, they will first carefully inspect the damage to ensure it can be repaired. If the area can be repaired, the technician will carefully clean the glass to make sure no debris or contaminants are present. These can cause the repair to be incomplete.

Once the area has been prepared, the technician will roughen the damaged part of the glass so the resin will better adhere. A special glass resin will be carefully piped into the area. This process must be done precisely to ensure a seamless repair. If any bubbles are present, these are removed and the resin is smoothed using special tools.

Before the job is complete, the technician will use a special curing light to cure the resin material. Curing the material is essential for ensuring it properly bonds with the glass and will remain in place.

Call Now for Service

If your glass is damaged and you need these services, contact Beltway Auto & Plate Glass. They will help you repair or replace your damaged windshield so it is safe. Contact them right away to get started so your appointment can be scheduled.

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