How to Choose Commercial Glass Doors

There are several different kinds of commercial glass doors in Berlin, NJ, depending on what kind of building you have and your needs. The most simple door is just a door with a push or a pull hinge. To comply with many ADA regulations, you might need to have a button installed for those with mobility issues to open it. Doors that swing open and closed can be extremely difficult to navigate for those in wheelchairs. An automated door mechanism will help. There are also sliding glass doors or revolving doors. A sliding glass door is great for any type of business that involves carrying items. A revolving door requires a lot of space but it’s great for businesses that only have one entrance.

Revolving Door

Revolving commercial glass doors in commercial glass doors in Berlin, NJ are not as common as they once were but they’re perfect for buildings that only have one way in or out. Since customers will be going both directions from the same entrance, a revolving door allows them to keep moving in and out without having to wait for one another. It’s also a very unique feature that helps your building to stand out.

If you call South Jersey Glass & Door, you can ask them about the different types of doors that you might need. There are many different options for doors.

Sliding Glass Door

A sliding glass door will need to be automated for those who are disabled. It’s also a great type of door if people are going to be carrying items or pushing carts in your business. That’s why they’re so popular at grocery stores. They offer hands-free operation with wide openings. However, you have to have enough space for a sliding glass door. The minimum amount of space is twice the width of the door. It is a space-consuming door but it’s very popular.

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