A Garage Door Repair Service in New Port Richey, FL Can Help Homeowners Find Other Uses for Garage Doors

Recently, putting garage doors in unexpected places has become trendy. Most people think that garage doors and garage door repair services in New Port Richey, FL are strictly for that part of the home, but that’s far from the truth. New garage door uses are stylish and innovative, and these new uses can turn an ordinary architectural design into an extraordinary one. Here are three examples of unique uses for garage doors.

Opening Walls

A trend that is seeing recent popularity is using single-panel doors as one of the walls in a room. These doors tilt out and lift up during opening, and are usually made almost entirely of glass. With the push of a button, a room equipped with a single-panel door can become an instant sunroom. In two-story dwellings, single-panel garage doors can open straight up without swinging outward, reducing the need to keep the space around the door unobstructed.

Sectional Glass-Panelled Doors

At Business Name, we offer segmented garage doors. These doors are horizontally segmented, with each part connected to the others via flexible joints. As the garage door is lowered or raised, these joints allow the door to follow the tracks. Recently, sectional doors have seen more use in architectural design, mostly made of glass panels held in a metal framework. These doors provide a great view of outdoor areas whether they are closed or opened.

A disadvantage of using a sectional overhead garage door is that the tracks can ruin the aesthetics of an indoor living area. However, these doors are commonly used in semi-finished rooms, which are a blend of a garage and an interior room.

Carriage Doors

A carriage house door is a double door that swings out during opening. In the past, carriage house garage doors were a standard option frequently found on standalone garages. However, these doors have recently begun to come back into style. Rather than being used by garage doors in New Port Richey, FL, however, carriage house doors are frequently used to give a rustic yet fashionable look to a home. Just as with single-panel garage doors, a carriage house door requires the operational path to be kept clear.

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