Dual Friction Clutches

Dual friction clutches are a great option for when you want to upgrade your clutch to a higher performing, smoother style of clutch design. When you install a dual friction clutch on your car, you are increasing your low end start performance as well as increasing the strength and durability of your transmission system. Dual friction clutches make driving more enjoyable and less of a strain on your foot and patience, where as stock clutches can be fussier and harder to operate. The benefits of driving a car with an upgraded clutch are that your car shifts smoother, grabs faster and stronger, and you may feel like you just turned your car into a street racer.

When upgrading your clutch, it is a good idea to spend good money on the key component that gets your car in and out of gear. It is always smart to check your transmission fluid level, clutch fluid level, as well as examining all parts of the clutch system such as the flywheel, clutch and pressure plates, when servicing your clutch.

A clutch alignment tool is always helpful when reinstalling the clutch, and it’s never a bad idea to check torque specifications when fastening down all bolts. Get ready to be excited about driving your car, because dual friction clutches make your drive much more enjoyable. It is always important to do a full inspection of your car when servicing parts like the clutch. You can always benefit from doing a quick once over of all your fluids, and a good visual inspection of tie rods, sway bar links etc. And if you don’t know what you are doing when it comes to auto maintenance, is a very smart idea to leave the work to be done by a professional.


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