The Rotary Accumulation Table and Modern Production

Thanks to mass production and assembly lines, many of the products we use are cheaper, better and more readily available. If you are in the business of processing, a rotary accumulation table can greatly improve efficiency. Let’s discover what this kind of equipment does and why it is important.

Rotary tables work on fairly simple principles but they are highly effective for accumulating products and then dispensing them in order. For example, a large amount of empty bottles may be placed in a production line. The bottles enter a round table which rotates. As it rotates, the bottles are pushed toward the edge, and depending on the needs, they are channeled into another outlet. This is a good way to collect containers coming off the line haphazardly and have them placed one after the other so they can be filled and sealed efficiently.

Benefits of the Rotary Accumulation Table

Perhaps the biggest benefit is the simplicity of the design. For example, there are very few moving parts. Most tables have a platform which rotates and it is driven by a motor and gears. Special channels or attachments are available which help to organize and distribute the materials as they spin on the platform.

Because there are so few moving parts, maintenance is kept to a minimum. There is very little downtime to be concerned with and very few things can go wrong with the process.

There are many sizes in which to choose depending on the needs of the processor. For example, standard tables may be either three feet, 42 inches, four feet or five feet in diameter.

Construction varies according to needs. For an indoor area with normal atmosphere and ambient temperature, a painted surface may be sufficient. Yet for some products (where cleanliness and sanitation is very important) stainless steel may be best.


When you shop for an accumulation table you may wish to consider the following options:

Manual unloading or automatic

Manual transfer table or automatic

Fixed diverter arms

Movable diverter arms

Stainless steel motors

Variable speed drive (AC or DC)

Custom sizes

Choosing the Right Manufacturer

The company you choose is just as important as the accumulation table. Choose a company with decades of experience and lifetime phone support with their products. Plus, the best companies have an entire network of service technicians should you ever need repairs. In other words, choose a supplier willing to go the extra mile for their customers.

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