Signs that Service is Needed for a Septic in Hawaii System

The septic system of a home is responsible for removing wastewater from a home and taking it to the septic tank. In most cases, homeowners don’t think much about their septic system until something goes wrong. However, in most cases there will be signs that Septic in Hawaii service is needed. Some of the most obvious signs of a problem can be found here.

Bad Smells in the Yard or Home

One of the most noticeable red flags of an issue with a Septic in Hawaii system is that there are bad smells coming up from the drains or around the drain field in the yard. Some of the types of smells to take note of include rotten eggs, or the smell of raw sewage. If these smells are noticed, a homeowner is actually smelling methane gas that is coming out of the septic system. This is a definite sign of a problem and will likely require the tank to be pumped.

Soggy or Wet Areas Around the Septic Drain Field

If there are quite a few plants growing around the septic drain field then this may be a sign of an issue. This type of problem means that the tank is leaking from somewhere. It may also mean that the lines in the leach field are too full or that they are damaged.

Slow Flowing Drain

If a drain or toilet in the home is moving slow then this may be another sign that the septic system is in trouble. In some cases, this can be a sign that the septic tank is completely full and that it needs to be drained. It may also be an indication that the pipes are damaged. When a homeowner notices a gurgling sound in the drains, then it means that the waste and the water is not easily flowing, like it needs to be.

When it comes to keeping a septic tank in good working order it is essential to watch for signs of trouble. Some of the most common are listed here. For more information about septic issues, check out the information at the visit us  website. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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