Looking For Urinal Fixtures In Bellingham, WA

Urinals need regular maintenance to work properly. Often, urinals work by auto-flush. However, if the auto-flush is broken, the urinal gets clogged. It is hard to believe, but urinals have to be repaired more often than toilets. Plumbers say this is because urinal stalls are broken easier. The auto-flush uses a sensor which makes the urinal flush when someone leaves. When the sensor goes out, it is time to call the plumber. The sensor may need adjustment or replacement.

Plumbers can find Urinal Fixtures in Bellingham WA. Visit the website of to see what is available. Urinal operation is really very basic. The water line feeds cold water in and attaches to a flush handle. Next, the handle lets the water into the bowl. The handle is made so it only lets a certain amount of water in. Water works with gravity to flush waste down the sewer drain. In fact, clogged drains happen frequently with urinals. Sometimes, the main line gets clogged with dirt and debris from the outside. A plumber needs to check all the pipes to find the clog.

In addition, there may be pressure problems. All toilets and urinals must have enough water pressure to flush properly. A simple fix may be to find the regulator and turn up the water flow. The regulator is located near the intake line. If the regulator is not working properly, one can find urinal fixtures in Bellingham WA. On the other hand, too much water can come through the valve. This is fixed by regulating the fresh water feed. This valve is also located near the base of the urinal.

Finally, it is important to clean the urinal properly. There are many deodorizers and cleaners to get rid of the bad odors. If a urinal still smells bad after cleaning, there may be a drain problem. Have you ever noticed that bars put ice in the urinal? It is a cheap method to keep odors down. Some people do not flush the urinal. However, when the ice melts, it flushes the urine away. Keep your urinal clean and in good working order to avoid problems. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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