The Importance of LED Rail Lighting

Today many cities are facing tight budgets and are cutting essential services to save on operating expenses. However, some cities are lowering costs significantly by changing over to LED rail lighting. This kind of lighting replaces the old inefficient bulbs and provides an enormous amount of benefits.

The Importance of Door Signals

One of the most important lights on a subway car informs the riders of door status. For example, you can see a series of lights from red to green and this lets you know when it is safe to enter. Many systems use standard incandescent number 895 indicator bulbs for these lights.

A standard 895 bulb is supposed to deliver about 5000 hours of service. However, on a typical 24 hour subway system, you are replacing these lights more than once a year. In addition, standard bulbs may not hold up well to all the vibrations and constant blinking on and off. Yet, there is a better solution.

Some cities are now seeing the benefits of LED rail lighting designed to replace standard 895 bulbs with LED bulbs. These bulbs can deliver as much as ten years or more of service. They are resistant to vibration and operate on very low voltage.

Interior Illumination

Interior lighting is essential as it makes it possible for occupants to see and to avoid possible injury. This kind of lighting can be very expense if it utilizes incandescent light bulbs. Maintenance personnel have a full time job, just checking lights and replacing bulbs which have burned out.

Thanks to long life LED bulbs, most subway systems can get by with fewer maintenance personnel and this can save a great deal of money over the course of a year. Plus, LED bulbs are as much as 500 percent more efficient and use much less power. One 895 bulb may not seem like much but if you multiply this one bulb savings by thousands , this can greatly reduce energy costs.

When you use less power you increase efficiency. It is also good decision for the environment and local eco system. Everyone wins when you decide to make the move to LED.

Custom Solutions

Some transit systems have unique needs for their indicator, marker and illuminating lighting. This is why they are turning to companies providing custom LED rail lighting. Experienced engineers study the needs of the system and develop lighting specifically designed to increase illumination and efficiency. They also provide workable prototypes for testing.

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