Early Detection Leads to a Less Expensive Roof Repair in Puyallup, WA

A solid roof is important for every home, but in areas where excessive moisture is an issue, it is even more important to be certain all roofing materials are secure. It does not take a huge windstorm or a dropped tree limb for damage to happen. Even newer rooftops can have problems if the materials were not installed correctly or low-grade products were used.

The most common issue people contact a roofing contractor for is a leak. However, by the time a leak is detected, the problem has usually been in existence for a while. A Roof Repair in Puyallup WA will be much more affordable if it is performed at the first sign of trouble. Many of these signs are easy to spot and can be detected by the homeowner without getting on the roof.

The first step is a visual inspection of the roof. Shingles that are curled at the ends or appear to be buckled should be replaced. Inspecting the gutters is another important step. Finding dirt or sandy debris in the gutters could be a sign of the shingles breaking down. Small pieces of the shingles may also be in the gutters if they have begun to degrade enough. Many homeowners ignore these signs because they have not yet detected any leaks.

The problem is that water leaks are not always obvious drips into the home. Water can travel a great distance from where it is initially entering the home. During this trip it can be absorbed into the materials it crosses. This means the materials beneath the shingles could be saturated as well as the beams or plywood in the attic or the interior of the walls inside the home.

Roof Repair in Puyallup WA that is done when the damage is caught early is usually just a matter of replacing damaged shingles, waterproofing around chimneys and vents, and performing inspections of the rest of the roof to identify future concerns. When problems are ignored, homeowners will almost always face larger repair bills and may even have damage inside the home to repair too. A simple inspection every few years is all it takes to prevent this type of problem. Always have an inspection performed before buying a home, or immediately after, and then continue to do so on a regular basis to ensure the home is always protected.

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