Options To Consider In Panel Indicator Lights

For many different kinds of equipment, devices, and machines, panel indicator lights provide very quick and accurate visual check on the status of the system. These essential components need to be reliable, bright and easy to see. They also need to be designed to work with the application and to mount effectively and securely to the device or equipment.

Varieties for All Applications

There are several different types of panel indicator lights that can be used for various applications. Ideally, choose LED lights as these do offer several advantages over other lighting options.

In addition to being bright and highly visible, LED lighting also creates much less of a power draw from the system. This translated into higher visibility over operation without a drain on the system. In large panels with multiple lights and multiple stations, this is a significant factor that is worth considering.

Mount Options

There are several different mounting options for panel lights. Bolt-on lights are commonly used in situations where standard hardware and light configurations are required. They can, of course, also be customized to meet specific uses and application requirements. The sizes of these mount options range from the smaller systems to very large panels.

Snap-in panel indicators can be fully customized to meet specific light colors and styles. There is also the option to choose from a range of voltage levels. Typically, these are standard in size with specific mounts from 0.156 to 0.5 inch.

For heavy duty applications or where the panel indicator lights need to have superior durability and construction as well as long life cycles, the cartridge panel mounts offer the best option. These also come in a range of different mounts with the option to customize the lens color and style while optimizing durability and rugged design options.

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