The Importance of Ground Power Units

Airports are the lifeblood of the modern world, and their ground crews and ground equipment are the secret behind the scenes that keeps everything flowing. From aircraft servicing and transport to baggage handling and cargo loading, ground crews depend on the best equipment to keep an airport up and running, and their equipment often depends on a ground power unit, or GPU.

What is a GPU?

A ground power unit, like those manufactured by Hobart Ground Power, are a crucial part of aircraft servicing. A GPU powers a grounded plane while it is on the tarmac, allowing for quick, efficient, and thorough systems checks. As a key piece of servicing and turnover equipment, a ground crew needs a GPU with the best performance in multiple areas.


It takes a lot of energy to power up an aircraft’s systems, and that energy comes at a price to the airport. No matter what hertz or voltage range GPU you require, HGP units are clean, green, and the most fuel-efficient option on the market. Fuel efficiency saves time in refueling, money in fuel costs, and refueling the planet by reducing waste and emissions.


Service crews need to cover a lot of ground quickly to make necessary service checks in a short time frame, and that means moving heavy equipment from gate to gate with a quick turnaround. Look for a light and maneuverable GPU that can be transported by dolly or by trailer hookup, or simply rolled by hand in a pinch. Easy transport is an absolute necessity for the best performance and turnaround time between aircraft.


GPUs need to function smoothly outdoors in all weather: planes still need to fly, despite the cold, and that means ground power generators still need to run. Nothing will halt workflow faster than an unreliable piece of key equipment in need of constant repairs, and that means backups and delays. Our ground power units are sturdy, user friendly, and all-weather tolerant: you can rely on them to keep your planes and your service crews, running on schedule.

Don’t let your service schedules and workflow get dragged down by unreliable equipment. We know the importance of thorough and timely service checks, and we’ll provide the kind of equipment your expert crews need to do their job. Trust the best in ground power units to keep your ground crews moving and your passengers in the air.

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