Aircraft Cargo Loaders And Their World?

Aircraft cargo loaders can be described in several ways. They all, however, indicate the same process. Aircraft cargo loaders are forms of ground support equipment. They specialize in loading and unloading cargo. In this case, the focus is on aircraft cargo.

What Is Aircraft Cargo?

It is easy to mention cargo and baggage in the same breath. Yet, they are not considered the same. Baggage generally is the property of the passengers who are flying on the aircraft. It can be divided into carry-on luggage/baggage and checked baggage. The latter travels in the cargo hold.

Cargo refers to any type of property that is carried on an aircraft. It is not considered as baggage. It may be classified as:

 * Freight
 * Mail
 * Express items

The method of loading baggage also tend to be distinct from that employed for cargo.

Methods of Loading: Aircraft Cargo Loaders and Baggage Loaders

A baggage loader is often described as a tractor. The process may consist of a baggage loader, a baggage belt loaders. People take the baggage or luggage from the tractor pulled baggage carts and deposit them on a ramp or baggage belt. This transports them up the belt and into the baggage hold.

Aircraft cargo loaders are mobile pieces of GSE equipment. They are designed to handle large loads. Some lift complete pallets containing cargo into the main deck or belly of an aircraft. They also do the reverse – unload pallets containing cargo.

Such aircraft cargo loaders are designed with specific functions in mind. They address the needs of differently shaped aircraft – including narrow body or wide bodied planes. While such cargo loaders consist of two platforms, and built-in roller or a wheel system to help move the cargo into or off the aircraft, they are generally described as coming in two basic sizes:

1. Narrow Body Aircraft Cargo Loaders: Also known as lower lobe aircraft loaders; this type is designed to tackle the loading of cargo into the main deck of an aircraft that has a narrow body or into a wide aircraft’s lower lobe.

2. The Main Deck Loader: This versatile type of aircraft cargo loader is designed to load cargo easily onto the main deck of both a narrow and wide-bodied aircraft as well as the lower lobe. Its most distinguishing characteristic is its ability to reach higher and hold heavier tonnage.

Aircraft Cargo Loaders

No matter how advanced the technology, if the workers are untrained and less informed, the ability for aircraft cargo loaders to perform their designated tasks may not only be fruitless but may also result in safety issues.

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