The Differences in Fill Dirt in Austin, TX

Fill dirt in Austin,TX is used in landscaping, construction, renovations, and projects that require altering the level or grade of the ground. Filling depressions and holes, building up a garden, or filling in the area left by an above-ground swimming pool are also completed by using fill dirt. The type of project is a major factor in determining which fill dirt will work best.


Fill dirt is available in different qualities depending on the needs of the project and the desired look upon completion. There is no standard composition or specific materials that go into the product, but not all fill dirt in Austin, TX is the same. Filling in a large hole, for example, can be done with just about any material. Low-quality fill dirt will have rubble or pieces of asphalt or concrete mixed in with the dirt.

A higher-quality fill dirt will be used for shallow holes or depressions, to build up an area that will be planted, or to be placed around trees and shrubs to even out the look. That will consist of regular dirt mixed with rich top soil. The look will be more uniform.


Dirt to fill spaces is sometimes filtered to remove clumps and small rocks. That will end up finer than unfiltered dirt and be easier to spread. It will also cost more per yard. The extra step involves more labor, which raises the total price of the product. The unfiltered fill is more likely to be used in construction, while filtered dirt will be used by landscapers.


Depending on the space to be filled, fill dirt may be needed in bulk. In that case, be sure the supplier provides delivery services at reasonable prices. Searching for a separate delivery service will be expensive and inconvenient. A company with a few sizes of dump trucks for delivery, such as Loftin Material, will be able to accommodate a variety of needs. In addition to dirt, loam, custom blends of top soil, and mulches are available. Decorative rock, sand, and crushed limestone are offered as well. Customers can go online to view all products.

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