Damaged Trailer Wheel Bearings Need Immediate Trailer Service in Shingle Springs

Trailers often take on a lot of weight during towing which can lead to the slow process of wearing down the bearings. The heat from traveling can lead to their breakdown and create a dangerous situation. It is imperative owners know what to look for to determine if their bearings need to be repacked or replaced via Trailer Service in Shingle Springs.

What are the Signs of Wheel Bearing Problems With a Trailer?

It is imperative owners understand there is no definitive time period wheel bearings will last on a trailer. The length of time they will last will depend on the mileage on the trailer and the types of loads it normally carries. Trailers that are used on a frequent basis, carrying heavy loads, will need to be replaced or repacked more often than those trailers that are only lightly used from time to time.

Knowing the warning signs of wheel bearing issues is crucial, and they include:

   *    Wobbling wheels

   *    Smoke coming from the wheels while the trailer is stopped

   *    A burning smell coming from the hubs

   *    Fire coming from the wheel

   *    Locked wheels

   *    Blown trailer tire

If any of these issues are present, a trailer’s wheel bearings need to be repacked or replaced, depending on how severe the damage. It is imperative repairs are carried out right away, or the trailer could be dangerous to operate. If the wheel bearing issue becomes severe, this could lead to a loss of control of the trailer and a possible rollover that could prove deadly.

How are Wheel Bearing Repairs Carried Out?

The wheel bearings must be first carefully inspected by the Trailer Service Shingle Springs. This means removing the bearings and carefully checking each one. If the bearings are not fully damaged, they can be cleaned and repacked with new grease.

If the damage is severe enough to have caused warping, the bearings, cages, and races may need to be fully replaced. The technician will be able to advise the owner on what level of repairs or cleaning are needed.

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