The Most Popular Uses For Institutional Glass in Tecumseh MI

Quality glass products can be an excellent way to let natural light into an area, but can also help make a facility safer by providing an easy to way to keep an eye on what is happening in various rooms, and can provide safety if designed to withstand impact or bullets. Institutional Glass in Tecumseh MI is much different than standard residential glass products and is intended to keep a building and its occupants as safe as possible. Here is a quick look the most common applications for this type of glass product.

Door Windows

Most offices and educational institutions place windows in all of their doors, so they can increase the visibility of those who are in the building. Most of the glass is constructed with a metal wire insert, which can help provide safety should individuals have to be quarantined in a room for safety. Door windows come in a wide array of styles and can be custom fit to nearly any door.

Bank Teller Windows

Bank tellers have to be visible to customers, but it can be a safety hazard to be exposed to individuals who can easily escape away, which is why most drive-thru windows are constructed out of bullet proof glass. A manufacturer uses a specialized rubber between the glass planes, which will absorb the impact of the bullet and prevent it from piercing the interior glass surface.

Correctional Institutions

One of the most significant concerns at a correctional facility is the safety of those who work there, and one of the keys to ensuring inmates act appropriately is to have full visibility of them when they are in communal areas. Many correctional facilities utilize Institutional Glass in Tecumseh MI that is lined with metal wire, as it ensures visibility but prevents the glass from being broken and allowing those in jail to escape or injury those there to guard them.

There is a broad range of glass styles and products that can help keep a home or facility safe. Check out the line of glass products available from Maple City Glass Inc., and make finding quality glass products as easy as possible. They offer installation and repair services and can help keep any glass product safe and ready to provide protection.

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