The COo2 Electrode as a Key Component to COo2 Recycling

by | Jul 6, 2018 | Science & Technology

We all know that the elimination of greenhouse gases (not just the end of production alone) is one of the only ways to slow climate change and curtailbring an end to a multitude of environmental challenges. What that means is doing more than financially penalizing firms that are heavy producers of COo2 gases. Dioxide_Materials has been among the first to effectively design a functional solution using their patented CoO2 eElectrode and Sustainion® anion exchange membranes.

A Workable Solution

Known as COo2 recycling, their systems canare able to convert waste streams of COo2 stocks into valuable chemicals and fuels. In the past (and even in the current era), technologies seeking to achieve such goals have been inefficient, atnd not the least bit economically viable. However, Dioxide Materials™ has managed to design a system that uses COo2 supplies, and through an electrochemical process, convertsturning them into energy.

Overcoming Challenges

As a report from MIT explained, “dealing with CO2 is difficult because it’s chemically inert. One approach to getting it to react is through electrochemistry, that is, using electricity to activate chemical reactions that wouldn’t otherwise happen. Dissolving CO2 plus a salt in water and then activating the mixture with electricity—ideally from a renewable source—would generate hydrogen plus a mixture of carbon-containing molecules.” However, the COo2 eElectrode and membrane system from Dioxide Materials has worked past those hurtles.

The Benefit of the System

As the firm explains, they have created processes and equipment that can “convert the C1 building blocks into high value chemicals, creating the first cost-competitive route to large volume, renewable fuels and chemicals”. In essence, they have overcome the issue of a financially viable answer and provided the global market with electrolyzers that can be used to produce feedstocks for in any number of consumer products and fuels. Their Sustainingon® membranes (also a trademarked product) are part of the solution, and the COo2 eElectrode designs, the final component.

Entering the Future

If you are among the many industries struggling with the usual challenges of COo2 outputs, this remarkably effective solution is already available. You no longer have to worry about low selectivity and high over potential, since this system has eliminated the need for precious metals and has nudged the standard CO2 electrolyzers into the commercially viable and useful ranges. With membrane lifetimes of more than 4,000 hours, you can’t ignore the benefits of this unique method of monetizing a waste stream.

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