Important Things To Know About Granite Counters In St. Paul

Knowing just a few things about the routine use and care of natural stone countertops any St. Paul home can help to extend the beauty of these counters for decades. As a durable, strong and very beautiful countertop option, granite offers low maintenance with a practical solution for countertops in kitchens, bathrooms, bars and other applications.

Sealers and Granite

Granite, like marble, is a completely natural stone. All-natural stone has small imperfections and variations on the surface, which make stone porous. In other words, small amounts of liquids or even powders or semi-solids can seep into the surface of the stone.

Granite counters are no different and are porous. While immediate cleanup of any spills would prevent staining and etching, this is not practical in most homes. To prevent this and to create a barrier layer on the surface of the granite, sealers are applied directly to the stone. The sealer is invisible, but they prevent spills from penetrating the surface, keeping your granite looking like new.

Sealers will need to be applied approximately every few years, with the frequency dependent on how much the counter is used. This is a very simple, low-cost option that will prevent even slight surface staining or erosion.

Avoid Kitchen Cleaning Products

The biggest mistake most people in St. Paul make with granite counters is to use the wrong cleaning products. The best option is a daily wipe with a soft cloth and warm water. Immediately wiping up spills is also important.

Using any type of spray kitchen cleaners, bleaches or “scrubbing” types of cleaners will damage the sealant and the granite itself. Additionally, any type of homemade cleaners containing acids (lemon juice or vinegar) will also cause surface etching and damage.

Keeping it simple with your granite counters is always the recommended option. There are also special granite cleaners available which can be used to remove heavy spills as needed.

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