The Best BC Burgers

The Secret to the Best Burgers
Some foodies believe atmosphere contributes to creating a great fast food restaurant. In British Columbia’s famed resort, a town just north of Vancouver, folks flock to enjoy designer burgers in Whistler.

The lure of Whistler’s excellent ski jump at Olympic Plaza always makes visitors and regulars hungry for the most satisfying, mouth-watering burgers found at Gnarly Roots.

There is something so comforting at the end of a skiing, snowshoeing, snowboarding or tobogganing day stopping in to the Gnarly Roots Restaurant. Not that midday sightseeing and shopping won’t also lure people to order juicy burgers with all the fixings. Dining patrons have their choice of fixings that include:
• Pickles
• Tomatoes
• Red onions
• Organic greens
• Sweet pepper mayo
• Freshly baked daily “rising knead” potato bun

Gnarly Roots – A Unique Burger Menu
One of the main priorities at Gnarly Roots is highest quality, absolutely fresh ingredients. This is easy to see when burger foodies order arrives tableside or for delivery. The aroma of these burgers is impossible to ignore.

Gnarly Roots offers burgers in Whistler that guests crave in the restaurant’s designer style to tempt every palate. Whether you choose a five ounce Two River Natural Beef Burger, Gnarly Veggie Pattie or Grilled Salmon Burger, you can order tasty add-ons like mushroom, Cabozola or Cheddar cheese, crispy onion rings or bacon or capicola.

Sides are also available. These include:
• Yam fries
• Onion rings
• Fries

When you stop for a burger at Gnarly Roots, you won’t miss the impeccable serving style or Gnarly Roots chef’s attention to detail in flavor and presentation.

Other features include Montreal Steak spiced chicken breast served with sweet pickled peppers, and avocado. For cheese lovers, there is Cambozola (a soft blue cheese) and a spiced, rubbed capicola served with fries and onion rings.


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