Creative Pizzas and Pasta Sauces by Tempe-based Spinato’s

Pizza is distinctive for its sauces, and each pizza is defined by the type of pizza sauce chosen in its recipe. The classic pizza is a favorite for its slightly sweet and tangy basil, tomato, and garlic flavor. But other sauces are popular for their contribution to creative and inventive pizza designs. Here are three sauces for pastas that make unique pizzas.


Marinara is a different take on pizza sauce. It typically has more bay or basil and a sweeter taste. Add some burgundy wine in the recipe and you get a deeper flavor. In fact, marinara is a primary ingredient in the Neapolitan classic, pizza marinara, a cheeseless pizza limited to tomatoes, oregano, and garlic. It can also work on a veggie-style pizza primavera.

Tomato Basil

An essential characteristic of this tomato sauce is garlic and olive oil. Break in some fresh basil and other veggies and this sauce will give a kick to paninis, pastas, or pizzas. Tomato basil is also a versatile sauce that will work well in more adventurous pizza creations like eggplant parmigiana with a broccoli crust or chicken parmesan.

Vodka Cream

As might be expected, this is a smooth and creamy tomato sauce that mixes Italian herbs, vodka, and heavy cream, giving it a characteristic orange color. Just like the burgundy wine, the alcohol in the vodka helps bring out the flavors in the tomato. Vodka cream sauce is perfect for the luscious penne all vodka pizza. It’s also a perfect pair for the fresh mozzarella in a margherita pizza. Sauces for pastas or pizzas are best with fresh ingredients. That’s just what Spinato’s uses in its line of distinctive tomato sauces. We also make handcrafted Broccoli Crust Pizzas with new recipes. Our family has been Growing Good since 1974 by experimenting and improving on generations of secrets. We invite you to join in by finding our pasta sauces at stores or visiting us at Spinato’s Fine Foods Inc. or calling (480) 275-4319.

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