Qualities of Authentic Italian Pizza to Look Out For

by | Dec 30, 2019 | Pizza Restaurant:

If you are on the hunt for the most authentic and best tasting pizza, you may not know what characteristics to look out for. Not all pizza eateries are made equal. However, you can navigate through your options like a pro by keeping the following qualities in mind when choosing a place to eat at.

Handcrafted Pizza Dough

One critical quality of authentic pizza near me is handmade dough. Not all eateries take the time to do this, and it shows through the quality of their final product. Handcrafted dough tends to rise higher than pre made varieties and typically has a crisp exterior with a soft and fluffy interior.

Rich Tomato Sauce

Making high quality tomato sauce is a process, but worth the effort put in. Pizza near me that uses handmade and slow cooked sauce tends to have a more robust flavor. If you are unsure whether an establishment takes the time to craft a rich tomato sauce, simply call and ask.

High Quality Ingredients

Not all eateries use the same grade of ingredients when it comes to meats, vegetables and cheeses. Locations that take the time to find the highest quality options available often proudly display this information for their customers.

Choosing a pizza shop can be challenging because not all are made equally. Esposito’s Pizza is proud to offer the highest quality ingredients and authentic pizza recipes in your local community. Visit their website today to learn about their story and background or stop by to experience their food for yourself.

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