The Advantages To Offering Sub Metering Water

For apartment buildings, condos, multifamily dwellings or for trailer parts or cabin types of rentals, sub metering water makes a lot of sense for the property owner. While there is the initial cost of installing the meters for each unit, the benefits can offset the cost of these installations over time and continue to provide benefits in the future.

In large production facilities, on campuses or even across departments, commercial properties may also want to consider the use of a sub metering system. This is particularly important in malls, or other types of commercial complexes were a variety of different retailers, businesses and ventures all share the same space.

Increased Efficiency

As the property owner or manager, the ability to sub metering water allows for accurate energy management. The top systems allow authorized administrators to login secure portals and view water usage by unit, location, customer or meter number.

Access to this information can be used to create profiles of water usage for each client or user. In turn, this information can be used to identify high water consumption times and discuss options to manage these peaks. It will also allow for individual billing, ensuring those businesses or tenants that use limited water are not billed for excessive use by others.

If there is a leak in a particular system, if a tap is left running or if water use is detected in a vacant unit, the landlord or property manager can immediately be alerted to the problem.

Cost Savings

For residential properties as well as commercial properties, advertising units with sub metering water in place can also be a major consideration for prospective tenants.

In most cases, both commercial and residential renters pay a flat fee for utilities. This flat billing creates a lower desire to use water saving technology as there is no cost saving.

Individual sub meters reward those tenants using water-saving and conservation appliances and practices, which helps to reduce their bill as well as make the building a more environmentally friendly place to live.

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