What Is Root Canal Therapy?

A tooth consists of the outer layer that is visible; the enamel, under that is the dentin which includes a pulp chamber. The pulp chamber hosts tiny blood vessels and nerves. In the event of unchecked decay or injury the pulp can become inflamed, this can quickly lead to infection; should this happen the result is excruciating pain and swelling. The solution is to have a root canal in Chicago.


Although a general dentist can perform root canal therapy it is usually best to have the treatment done by an endodontist, a specialist in this type of work. The first thing that is done is to take X-Rays of the affected tooth; this allows the endodontist to get a clear picture of what he or she is facing.

Removing the pulp:

A root canal in Chicago is carried out using a local anesthetic which numbs the area. If the endodontist recognizes that the tooth is dead the treatment can be carried out without the need for anesthetic.

To keep the site dry during the procedure the endodontist places a rubber dam around the tooth. The infected tooth is opened; this provides access to the pulp chamber. Using minute files, the diseased pulp is slowly extracted and any abscess is drained.

Completing the procedure:

Once the pulp has been extracted and the site cleaned, the canal is enlarged; this allows plenty of room for filling. This is a time consuming process, it can take a couple of hours and often is carried out over two appointments.

Once the site is ready, it is filled and sealed which prevents any further infection. As a root canal in Chicago can weaken the tooth, your endodontist will often suggest that a crown be placed to strengthen the tooth.

Root canal therapy has a high rate of success at saving the tooth; studies have shown a success rate of 90 percent and more.

A root canal in Chicago is the only way to save a tooth that has an infected pulp chamber or abscess. If you believe you have this problem you are invited to make an early appointment with South Loop Dental Specialists. Follow us on twitter.

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