Teeth Too Yellow for Wedding Photographs? Teeth Whitening in Whitesboro can Help

Teeth change color so gradually that people may not realize how yellow and dingy their smile has become. Then when they are preparing for a child’s wedding, they hear that their smile isn’t ready for all of those wedding photographs. This message may sting a little, but then they learn that there are Teeth Whitening in Whitesboro procedures that can quickly fix the problem. If they have several weeks, they can opt for at-home whitening trays. They will have to wear the trays for at least 30 minutes each day for 10 to 14 days.

However, if the wedding date is approaching quickly, they may be too busy to bother with at-home teeth whitening kits. In this case, they should contact a Cosmetic Dentistry Office to make an appointment for a Teeth Whitening in Whitesboro appointment. In under two hours, their teeth can become up to 10 shades whiter. It is painless and the dentist office is set up to ensure their comfort.

When they arrive, the dentist will clean the surface of their teeth. Clearing away plaque and debris ensures that the bleaching chemicals will reach all areas of the tooth enamel evenly. The dentist then inserts a very comfortable appliance to keep the bleaching solution away from gums and the mouth interior. The bleaching solution is painted on the teeth. A safe laser light is aimed at the teeth to activate the bleaching chemicals. The laser helps the chemicals bind with stains deep within the teeth. After 15 minutes the dentist wipes off the gel. He then determines if another treatment is required. The process can be repeated two or three times. People are genuinely shocked when they see their before and after pictures.

A Teeth Whitening Treatment in Whitesboro procedure will last several years. The dentist will explain to the patient how they can keep their teeth as white as possible. They have to brush and floss at home on a daily basis. Regular dental cleanings will also keep stains from setting in. The dentist may also recommend that they use an at-home teeth whitening tray every few weeks. Once they see how wonderful a bright smile looks, people look forward to maintaining it.


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