Storage Service Options in Chattanooga

Storage facilities are not terribly hard to find—every industrial park or work area always seems to have several of them around. The problem is that not all storage companies are created equal, and not every storage facility is a complete storage service. Chattanooga is home to several storage companies of different types, but you need to be sure of what you need and what the company can do before you choose one.

Storage Facilities
The basic storage facility is basically just a rented locker or garage. The storage spaces vary in size and cost, and it is up to you to move your belongings in and out of them. They offer different levels of access and security, but they are essentially a self-serve enterprise. The advantage to this type of facility is the relatively low cost, but it does require a sacrifice of convenience.

Storage Services
Perhaps the most common type of storage service is the “Pod” type of service, wherein a large storage box is delivered to your door, you fill it, and then you call to have them haul it away to their storage facility. The advantage of this type of service is convenience, as you don’t need to haul anything away yourself. The disadvantage is that the pods are often not as big as a traditional storage locker, so you may need to use many of them to store your possessions, and then finding which one has a particular item you’re looking for could be a chore.

Storage Through a Moving Company
A moving company will often offer the highest level of storage service. If you choose, you can usually have them pack your belongings, load them into a truck, truck them to the storage facility and unload them into the storage unit for you. As an added bonus, if the storage is part of a move, you can load all of your possessions onto the same truck or trucks, and have some put in storage and others delivered right to your new home.

Since the packing and loading can be done by professionals, there is also less likelihood that you will have damaged items. If items do get damaged, moving companies often have insurance to cover the damages for you.

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