Services Provided by Over the Road Trucking Companies

by | Nov 4, 2015 | Transportation and Logistics

At the heart of their business, over the road trucking companies specialize in transportation. These companies remain dedicated to moving freight in a safe, timely, and budget-conscious manner. However, to stay competitive and meet the demands of today’s economic challenges, some of these companies offer many other services. Additional services provide clients with more advantages and also makes working for the company more desirable to drivers.

Local, Regional and Long Haul Transportation
Drivers moving freight across the state or across the country is the company’s top priority. This is the most obvious service provided by over the road trucking companies, but just the beginning for some.

Equipment Sales
When trucks and transportation equipment are what keeps a business in business, keeping that equipment in good working order is a must. A company can continue to reap the benefits of a strict maintenance plan even when a piece of equipment has reached the end of its service there. As equipment is replaced, some companies may put it up for sale. Trucks, trailers, and other items may be listed for sale on the company’s website or in other venues.

Dedicated Solutions
If a client has recurring needs for transporting multiple loads along a specific route, there may be the opportunity to create a fleet of trucks or other equipment to meet that need. Not only can a trucking company increase efficiency by assigning a portion of their equipment to a fleet, but it may also draw the attention of drivers who are looking for a steady schedule and familiar route.

In addition to dedicated solutions, a trucking company could offer clients total packages that optimize all of their logistics needs. If a transportation company has developed relationships with other companies that provide complementary services, it makes sense to for them to serve in a brokerage capacity. Bringing multiple companies together and managing them for the needs of one client is a valuable service.

Offering additional services is a good way to set your transportation company apart. When over the road trucking companies provide additional services, they become more competitive in the transportation market, they attract more clients, and perhaps even more importantly, they become sought-after companies by drivers.

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