Specifics of Botox in Lansing MI

Botox is a major cosmetic tool in today’s society. You may be aware that this serum could be deadly in certain situations, but not in aesthetic medicine. In fact, the only way it could harm you is if it is applied incorrectly. Long before Botox Lansing MI was used for cosmetic purposes, it was used to treat certain diseases. This short post will explain how Botox is beneficial.

Here are some diseases in which this toxin produces beneficial results:

1. Treatment of excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) and excessive formation of saliva (drooling) is the first case. Botox Lansing MI is able to reduce the activity of sweat glands in areas such as the armpits, feet and hands. The effects remain for a period of 7-10 months.

2. Reduction of urinary incontinence in paraplegics.

3. Visible benefits are evident in the case of dystonia and spasmodic torticollis (also known as a “tic”. Many of these are associated with a rare condition called Tourette’s syndrome. It is also used in the case of tremors, rigidity and spinal pain such as back pain when the patient does not respond adequately to traditional treatments.

4. Significant improvements with strabismus (cross-eye) help the eye muscles relax, thus avoiding surgery, especially in the case of children.

The price of treatment with Botox Lansing MI depends on the area that will be treated and how often you need injections. Because its effects are not permanent, they usually last an average of six months. This causes several injections throughout the year, depending on the effect you want to achieve, but can be carried out two or three times a year.

Although these injections are not cheap and affordable for all budgets, their application is becoming more common, perhaps because there are many clinics that offer payment plans. In this sense, it is more profitable and a safer option that you take advantage of discounts when paying for a whole year (2 or 3 injections depending on the amount applied in each session and the area injected). Experts advise that if you want Botox Lansing MI, choose a clinic that offers a great price and has a great reputation. Speak to Business name to learn more.

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