Pressed Juice For Health And Weight Loss

According to the latest health craze that is sweeping through Australia, juices are not all created equally. This trend states that there is juice and then there is cold-pressed juice. This new option is causing all sorts of changes for juicers, revolutionising the entire industry. Now you may wonder, what exactly makes this type of juice so special?

According to those who have converted to cold-pressed juice, it contains more enzymes, minerals and vitamins than the juice produced with a traditional centrifugal machine. Apparently it is all in the method that is used. With this type of juice, the fruits and vegetables are all “pressed” so that the highest level of nectar is able to be extracted from the fibre and pulp, leaving just the fresh and raw juice behind.

The Noticeable Difference

When a piece of fruit or a vegetable is put into a cold-pressed juicer, then the juice is able to retain the highest amount of nutrients. Other styles of juicing involve the vegetable or fruit being sliced apart by spinning blades. This can cause the juice to become overheated and oxidise, which can cause a loss in nutrients and a much less palatable drink. The result from centrifugal juicers create a product that is frothy and in some cases a bit chunky. When you opt for cold-pressed juices, you receive a refined and raw nectar that does not contain any fibre.

Cold Pressed Juices Make Going Green Easy

For many people, the idea of going green with their eating is not appealing. However, with green, cold-pressed juices, they can receive the nutrient boost their body needs because they are full of whole, live ingredients, providing an instantaneous hit of health to the bloodstream. The fact is that it would be extremely difficult to eat the amount of greens that would provide this same nutritional impact.

Green juices are so sought after due to the effects they have on blood health. They are extremely oxygenating and help to give you bright eyes and clear skin. Another benefit offered by green juices is that you will eventually begin to retrain your existing tastebuds and eventually lose the cravings you have for the fatty foods you are accustomed to eating.

This juicing craze is definitely one that is taking hold. While not all juice bars have caught on as of yet, it is a trend that is growing steadily.

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