Solar Eclipse Viewer Glasses Will Soon Be In Demand

by | Jun 8, 2015 | Business

Do you know there is a major solar eclipse event in North America coming soon? In fact, it’s not too far away and come August of 2017, just about everyone in the United States can witness a very rare event. However, you cannot stand and stare at an eclipse because of the damage it can do to your eyes. You will need some good solar eclipse viewer glasses if you want to get the best view. But what should you use to watch the eclipse safely? Here are some common questions and answers about solar eclipses and your vision.

Why Do I Need Special Glasses?

Is it really important to have special solar eclipse viewer glasses? Isn’t this just an old wives tale about burning out your retinas? The truth is; it is never a good idea to stare directly at the sun. In fact, a 1997 article from the NASA website, talks about the importance of eye protection.

The article mentions the ultraviolet light from the sun and how it can affect the way the rods and cone cells respond to visual stimulation. This may cause a loss of vision which can be permanent in some cases. What makes this scenario so dangerous, is you will not feel any pain or suffer any damage right away. In fact, it could take many hours. This means children and adults may spend a great deal of time staring at a solar eclipse and have no idea they are causing irreversible damage to their eyes.

The article also states viewing a total eclipse is safe for the eyes, because the moon completely blocks out UV rays. However, when the eclipse is partial (which is most of the time) you can receive UV damage to your eyes. In other words, the few minutes the eclipse is total, is safe, but you are taking major chances with your vision if you don’t use eye protection.

Can I Use My Sunglasses to View the Eclipse?

It is not a good idea to use sunglasses. They are not designed to filter out the infrared and ultraviolet rays which can damage the eyes. You can use welder’s glass, but the best thing to use is a pair of special made solar eclipse viewer glasses which have been CE certified and tested.

Why Special Glasses?

Special eclipse glasses will not only protect your eyes, they will give you the best possible view of the eclipse. Remember, this is a very rare occasion, and it will not last long. Quality made solar eclipse glasses have the high optical density for maximum protection and also provide you with crisp and clear images to greatly enhance the eclipse experience.

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