Set a yard apart with architectural landscape lighting

Many homeowners are justifiably proud of their gardens; they have taken the time and spent the money to set their garden apart from others. One of the ways these homeowners do differentiate their gardens from others is through the tasteful use of architectural landscape lighting or various kinds and designs. One very popular type is walkway lighting which is not only attractive in its own right but provides an element of safety as people can see where they are walking at night, avoiding possible impediments. Accent lighting is perfect for placing close to various attractions in the garden, perhaps a uniquely beautiful ornamental shrub or plant. Solar powered lights are increasingly popular as they do not require any power supply other than the sun. Solar powered lights are simple to place where they do the most good and just as easy to relocate should the homeowner wish to do so. Professional landscape lighting from a leading company such as TouchStone Accent Lighting offers a multitude of benefits for homeowners.

Although the homeowner wants the walkway lighting to look stylish and complimentary to the garden landscape, the primary consideration is really safety. This type of architectural landscape lighting is available in kits or as separate lights; they are placed along the path at set distances so that the direction of the path is known. Some of the less sophisticated lights are little more than a light bulb mounted on a post but most homeowners are happy to spend additional money to add style and a level of sophistication to their yard. Many of these walkway lights are very stylish and are commonly available in black, copper and silver finishes. As the lights follow a specific path which will not change over time the most common power is low voltage stepped down from 110 to 12 volts. The 12 volt cable can easily be buried alongside the path.

Many well planned and laid out gardens have at least one if not more accents; items that are well worth highlighting. Gardens that include a water feature, statues an attractive stone wall or unique plantings can make excellent use of architectural landscape lighting. These lights are designed to draw the eye of the individual to the feature so strategic placement is quite important. Up lights are often used, these lights are angled in an upward direction and are often used by those who wish to light a flag in their garden or highlight a particularly beautiful tree.

Architectural landscape lighting is ideal for those who wish to highlight unique areas in the garden, define a pathway or use around a pool or water feature. These lights are available online from Touchstone Accent Lighting.

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